Watchout for a brand new Novel titled: How Angels Look Like!


Watchout for a brand new Novel titled: How Angels Look Like!

Another mind blowing thrillers novel written by Godsent Jomo, the author of “the Struggles of a Scholar”.


HOW ANGELS LOOK LIKE (code-named Mission Atanakpa)

Settings: Esan Rainforest.
Genre: Adventure.

About the Novel:
Four renounced cultist meet in a drinking bar and discussed the various challenges facing their remote farming community. Their discussions centers on the hardship occasioned by herdsmen evil activities. Their village, a predominantly farming community has been engrossed in hardship and hunger as the villagers are unable to tend to their farms in peace because of kidnappers activities.

Cases of kidnap, gruesome killing and rape abounds in their hitherto peaceful and progressive community. It’s either kidnapping today or brutal murder of farmers or rape of their women and total destruction of their crops the next day, nearly on daily basis.

Hunger and starvation has taken it’s toll on the villagers since access to their source of livelihood has been curtailed drastically by the invading herders.

It’s in face of these uncertainties and hopelessness that these four warriors vowed to take the bull by it’s horn by strategizing and putting their experience together to save the community from total annihilation and doom. They decide to take the war directly to the camps and hideouts of the Invaders deep inside the Ogbekhe Forest.

These four men represent a beacon of hope for the endangered community. In unison and out of necessity and the need to preserve their communal survival, these men place their lives on the line to return peace to their land of origin.

The battle is tough and deadly. But they triumph in the end to put a stop to the evil activities of the herders.

“How Angels Look Like” is a voyage around the challenges of modern day Nigeria and how to overcome them from the communal point of view. It shows that nuisance also has value in a community of good people.

Book to be on the stand at the third edition of Ewu Book Fair 2021. Watch out.

About the Author

Osajele Godsent Jomo is a native of Ewu, Esan Central in Edo State of Nigeria. He was educated at Ewu Grammar School and later at Federal Polytechnic, Auchi where he studied Mass Communication (majoring in Print Journalism). He is the author of many bestselling books. How Angels Look Like is his latest work scheduled to be exhibited at the 3rd Edition of Ewu Book Fair 2021. Other of his works include: Time and Chance; Baba Ijebu: the woman with dream. He is the author of Ebeagbor: the flower that blossoms in adversity (approved for use in schools by Edo State Government since 2017).

The Struggles of a Scholar is his first novel written in 2007 and first published in 2011.

Godsent Jomo is the author of the book Security First – a comprehensive approach to contemporary security operations. He is currently working on another book The Nigeria of Our Time”, a historical voyage around the Nigerian nation, from formation to present day. The Black Renaissance is another of his book under publication, which interrogates themes of reawakening among African people both in society, religion and economy. Godsent Jomo is married with children.

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