Udakpa Secondary School has just two govt paid teachers, community cry out for help


Udakpa Secondary School has just two govt paid teachers, community cry out for help

Block 3 classroom built by European Union

Udakpa 30th May 2021

Following the media campaign of Esan News Magazine and Radio Esan concerning the ruins in Udakpa Secondary School, socour came as NDDC built a 3 blocks of classrooms and was followed by Senator Clifford Odia intervention who also built a 3 blocks of classrooms for the school.


However, it is said that the school is not just the building but also comprises of a sound and robust teaching staff.

As at press time, Udakpa Secondary School has just 2 government paid teachers as disclosed by a community leader who spoke with Esan News Magazine after meeting with the school principal yesterday.

According to him, “In my Community, we have Udakpa Secondary School Ubiaja. The only government owned secondary school serving over 8 communities namely: Udakpa, Ahia, Eko-Ogheyen,
Ukhuanlen, Oria
Ikeken and Onogholo. This Central School as we speak is facing a serious issue and the school is at the verge of collapsing owing to lack of teaching staff”, he lamented.

“I was in my community yesterday and and I met the principal of the school, she complained to me bitterly. She said that in the whole school, the junior section only have 2 teachers why the senior section have no single teacher. As a result, students have refused to come to the school because there are no teachers to teach them. This is worrisome”, he lamented further.

He therefore cry out to Edo State Government and other appropriate agencies to come to the aid of the school by providing more teachers for the school to avoid a situation whereby the school will be deserted and closed. According to him, “I will like to make an appeal to the relevant stakeholders to come to our aid. This is a Central school serving many neighbouring towns and villages. It will be a de-service to those who cannot afford the fees charged by the private schools. Government owned schools are suppose to have the best standard but in our time, the case is different as there are no teachers in public schools. Please come to our aid before it’s too late”, he appealed.

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