Secession not the solution, says Foursquare GO


Secession not the solution, says Foursquare GO

The General Overseer of Foursquare Gospel Church in Nigeria, Rev. Sam Aboyeji has advised Nigerians to shun the cry of secessions and pray for good leaders, stressing that secession is not the solution to Nigeria’s problems

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Aboyeji gave this charged at the just concluded 2021 International and Ministers and Leadership Conference of the church held at the church headquarters in Lagos.

He said this while reacting to the Self-determination agitators, who declared Ibadan, capital of Oyo state as the headquarters of Yoruba Nation, said that if you see all over the world, nations that have broken are even longing to come together because there is strength in diversity. Each regions and tribes have their strengths and uniqueness. When we strong together.

He stressed that you don’t value what you have until you lose it. Each of us have our good and weaknesses. We can live together; the problem is that we do not have good leaders.

Aboyeji pointed out that Malaysia had a leader who came on the scene and made the difference. The country did not have anything. They came to Nigeria to pick the palm oil seedlings and develop it, adding that, that nation today is one of the front line nations in the world today.

He posited that America, which has become the world power today, had some of their leaders who came and took courageous decision to make the country great.

“We have everything complete in Nigeria, but we lack good leadership. If we split, it will not be to our favour. This strength we have built together when we split, we will not discover that for you to get groundnut oil from Kano, you will have to look for foreign exchange because you will have to import it”, he said.

He stressed that we need good leadership, God will give true leadership. 2023 is around the corner, I pray that God will give us good leadership.

He went further to charge the church to refocus their attention toward reaching out to youths with the message of the gospel that transform a man.

Aboyeji lamented that majority of the crime committed in Nigeria are perpetuated by youths who are below 30 years.

He cited the words of the President of the African Development Bank, Dr Akinwunmi Adesina who stated that 70% of the population in Nigeria is youths and they are seen as a challenge, noting that they can become transformed and useful to the society if we target them with message of Jesus that can transform a man.

He said as our newly ordained pastors go out with the power of God to reach out to the youth, they will change from occultism to godliness and from banditry to useful members of the society.

“We are planting grand assemblies across the nation, located in a conspicuous place, standard built and everything put in place that will appeal to youths. The message will be the same but the packaged will be different, adding that we will not tamper with the message but we will make it attractive to them” he said.

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