Rapper Shock G found dead in Tampa


Rapper Shock G found dead in Tampa

Rapper, songwriter, producer and cartoonist Gregory Jacobs, popularly known as ‘shock G’ was found dead on Thursday, in a hotel room in Tampa, Florida.

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According to the late rapper’s father, Edward Racker, what led to the death of his 57-year- old son is unclear but there were no signs of trauma.

He revealed that authorities have begun investigations into circumstances that led to his death.

According to him, an autopsy will also be conducted to determine what led to his sudden demise.

Shock G was the front man for the influential hip-hop group Digital Underground, which had a string of hits in the early 1990s and introduced its audience to Tupac Shakur.

Before his death, Shock G was famous for his Digital Underground’s hit song “The Humpty Dance”.

“Humpty Hump” was also known for his collaboration with Tupac. He featured on Pac’s 1993 song “I Get Around” and he was one of the producers on Tupac’s 1991 debut solo album, “2Pacalypse Now.”

The rap icon produced Tupac’s “So Many Tears” from his multi-platinum 1995 album “Me Against the World”.

In addition to his work with 2Pac, Shock G produced songs for Dr. Dre, Prince and KRS-One, George Clinton, Bobby Brown to name a few.

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