PDP Chieftain hosts PDP Edo Abuja Chapter for interactive session, thanksgiving/victory party of success of PDP in Edo State and Award ceremony.


PDP Chieftain hosts PDP Edo Abuja Chapter for interactive session, thanksgiving/victory party of success of PDP in Edo State and Award ceremony.

Chief Dr. Mike Onolenmemen, Former Nigeria Minister of Works addressing the people

It was a wonderful and memorable event on Sunday the 25th, April 2021 as the Edo PDP members in Abuja and dignitaries from all walks of life gathered at the residence of Chief Dr. Mike Onolememen in Abuja to celebrate the victory of PDP in Edo state which they see as a plus to the PDP family nationwide.

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In the course of the event and during the interactive session, different key note speakers were featured who talked on various topics. The President of the Association of Edo State Indigenes Abuja (AESIA) speaks briefly on the topic: “Rotation, Zoning and Federal Character as panacea for peace and sustainable development in the Nigeria project”, while the Chairman PDP South South FCT also talked on the topic; “the benefits to be derived from a restructured economy, the South South perspective”. The Chairman South South FCT Traditional Council who eulogized Chief Dr. Mike Onolememen for his dedication, commitment and consistency towards the development of Nigeria also asked him to get prepared for the tasks ahead. The chairman South South FCT Traditional Council thereafter speaks on the topic: “the role of the traditional rulers in government, the Nigeria perspective”. The interactive session didn’t end there as the Chairman of Edo Community Leaders also took it to another dimension as he speaks on the topic: “defection, cross-carpeting a bane that is weakening our Democratic institution.

Chief Dr. Mike Onolememen who rounded off the interactive session in a very brief detail and concise manner spoke on the topic: “what it takes to be a committed party member/faithful. Juxtapose/vis a viss the party leadership and followers”. According Chief Mike Onolememen, political parties are formed by people of like minds so that they can organize, participate in election, win and form a government which party members become central to this process. To be a good party man, one must be in alignment with the aspiration of the party and it’s not just enough to be a card carrying member of a party or paying one’s dues but as a committed party man or woman, you must be involved in most of the party’s activities such as preparing, organizing and participating in elections. Most times parties also experience different challenges but as a committed party faithful, you must align with that party at that critical time. To be a committed party member, you should look beyond your personal ambition and look to the common goal of the party. These and other words he said as he concluded the interactive session.

Party members were also admonished to get ready for the June 28th voter registration process because a mechanic who goes to workshop without his working tools is simply wasting his time. Party leaders and members must make sure they participate fully in this process. Particular, those residing in Abuja should make sure they go home for their voter’s registration so as to identify with their people and prepare for the tasks ahead.

The event also featured the Bini cultural dance crew who performed prior and during the event as well as other cultural dance group.

The PDP Edo Abuja Chapter FCT presents Pillar of PDP Award to Sir Chief Dr. Mike Onolememen in recognition of his immense contribution to the Peoples Democratic parry (PDP).

Source: The Bulldozer Media

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