In the spirit of “Ebediale alu” and “Aihun-wanlan”, we have been together for some time now on the same matter. Like you know, once you eat Otien (Chery) and turned the inside out, you know, you have dealt with it to the best of your ability. Here we are again to attempt helming the edges of the “Agbada” we have all participated in sewing. Before I gave a take home assignment stating that I am interested in knowing your take on this matter in the very last series (4), I remembered I humbly remarked thus: If a known slave is to be elevated to the status of a child, it is not a decision to be made over night. Pls, give it a thought.


However, “Ukpere omon aholo narese…” (it is a good wish to have “celebrations powder” rubbed on both face and around the neck). I may not know about you but it is my sincere wish for as many that are desirous of such visitation, can I hear you say amen? Amen! So far, we have been able to establish that in Esan traditional thought, they made serious attempts to help solve the identified problems among themselves without recourse to science and technology strictly. This does not in any way mean that they were not scientific oooo.

If there was no other known Esan person to me that was scientifically minded, I grew up to meet my dear mother as a “chattered Chemist and food nutritionist “. How else will you classify such a wonderfully gifted hands that could produce soap from ashes, cream from coconut oil and palm kanel, healthy juice from fruits gathered together and processed without adutration of any kind and you have “Amoriri”, (I no know the English name oooooo), etc etc. May God rest her soul eternally. Hmmmm; don’t doubt the available scientific touch in our dealings yesteryears.

The major objectives of the practice of Isukhure and its associate features is that there should be a cry of baby in a marriage. This is also the aim of what I described as Isukhure re-branded, technology applied method(s). In summary, the following were responsible for the permissible or approved “away match” by the Super Faconite in a family:
√Too much emphasis placed on children in marriage especially a male child.
√The child is accepted to be the preserver of the family linage and inheritance.
√For the purpose of “ego massaging” ie, the need to have a voice amongst committee of elders
√ That the licensed wife needed to be allowed to get satisfied sexually, etc.
Flowing from the above, you will see that as advantageous as it may appear, it has its own short comings too:
√Granted that sex in marriage is about the strongest bond and this is not available between the man (now husband in proxy) and his wife (only by name) by Isukhure arrangement.
√ Even when oath may be sworn to by the “hired expertrait” not to for any reason behave funny towards the man or the children raised, beneath the facade of the so called progress made, lies the stack nakedness of deceit, unexpressed regrets and stigma attached.
√ It is unexplainable to see that in the case of a commissioned young and unmarried man by the elders to fill the position of the expected manager now placed on leave by circumstances beyond his control, perform well and get results. But when he takes a wife for himself, the wife will not have any child for the same man who raised children for another man. I have seen this happened in most cases. Here comes the deeper meaning of Agbon dimi gbe, and Agbonkhese!
√ It is economical compared to the re-branded where a whole lot of money is involved. I have a solution to this if given attention.

The re-branded Isukhure does not need sexual intercourse like it is in the case of Esan approved method. However, it is required for the woman to be ‘in a state of grace’ to receive the “Iregbena” (semen) from the donor. This is part of useful good ethics. From my findings in the course of this intriguing series, it is not totally true to consider technological enhanced reproductive practice as a case of the “Unknown soldier”. This becomes the case, since the concerned couple have the right to make choice. This means that even the recipient can as well make valid request, if need be.

Meanwhile, within the ambit of culture and time or what you may call, cultural dynamics, Isukhure may have served very well a purpose(s) especially in stabilizing so many marriages, families and restored peace in the hearts of the seriously agitated ones, may be then. In the same vein, IVF and its related enablers to get a desirious couple have a child or children they could call their own, is also a welcome development, just now. Except that it requires a huge financial muscle to get it accomplished.

While thinking aloud as I bring this series to a close, will it not have been possible to ask relatives to donate semen to fertilize a known wife’s viable egg of the family the same way brother or sister donates blood to a relation in need of such? I am just thinking, if this suggested approach is workable, the issue of linage sustainance as well as DNA quarries, would have been taken care of. It may be safer, neater and less expensive. This suggestion is born out of “Ilobekemen” oooooo. After all, all things may be lawful but all things are not usually expedient.

On the whole, let’s fear God and keep his commandments, for that is the whole duty of man.
Ibharebhe obilu ooooo!
May God bless Esanland!!
Note: The reflections done here may not have been exhaustive. They are only but excerpts from a detailed hand book on Esan ways of life from the past, soon to come, God willing. Shalom!


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