I am a Member of APC, Please Help. By Elempe Dele


    I am a Member of APC, Please Help.

    By Elempe Dele


    In 2014, I was inducted as an initiate into APC and we were told that our cult personality was Buhari, and we worshipped him as The One Who Must be Obeyed. After our induction, which lasted as long as our brains were replaced with some other matters I cannot now remember, they told us the chant on each of us mouth must be ‘Sai Buhari, Sai Baba…’ We went to town with the Passion of the Allah and Christ with it. In fact, we added our own tepid retrogressive nuisance values to it. We became willing tools as identified by our leaders.

    I can tell you I was very proud of my position then, even now, as a member of the cult group. I could go to bank and withdraw money with the APC membership card, buy fuel at subsidized rate, go to market with the log in my eyes to show my membership…these were things I thought. So I was part of the willing tool to disperse the tales of the ingenuity of Buhari, his driver being from the south, his ‘just two houses mantra,’ his integrity sly innuendos, his anti-corruption and decipline stands, his 150 cows they never lay nor hatch…
    There were groups, like the BMC…something like his media organization, although I have never met them, who churn out these narratives for us to copy, share and or forward. We were on stipends then, say like 2k per month for data.

    All of a sudden, they made us love cows and terrorists or have sympathy for them even when most of us were Southern Enablers, as members of the opposition would tag us. I was never ashamed of myself because I new I was being patriotic. Cows and terrorists were symbols of the nation, we were told.

    While the leaders ate in Abuja, they gave us crumbs and told us there was nothing much to go round, we should manage. And we did because we were told to hate the opposition because of their 16 year reign.

    After some years, I became a die-hard fanatic, I no longer cared about my country…my focus, as we were told, was on the god of the party, Buhari. When we asked for quality hospitals, they told us when the president is sick, he can always go to the UK for treatment, so no need. We went to town with triumphant gist about it. They brought RUGA, I was a bit sceptical because I was a farmer. They told us we need not be afraid, we should just give up our ancestral lands…we said ok, it was a nice idea. I was ready to move close to Aso Rock. Ehen, I reported that cows from herdsmen ate up my cassava, I was told why should I say so, am I no longer patriotic. I felt ashamed of myself for being unpatriotic… I cried that night. The cassava wouldn’t have amounted to anything… I told them I was sorry that I suspected so. I went on to destroy what was left of the farm so I could concentrate on my party, APC. I told myself there is a stage one gets to, you must concentrate on your party rather than your farm, even when I was hungry.

    I had small cash on me and decided it would be better to move to Abuja to live since we were in power and in government. On my ways, I was kidnapped. I told them it was a huge joke and that I was a true member of the APC. The kidnappers were so rude they pretended they didn’t know what I was saying, even when I showed them my membership card. My family had to raise some funds for my release after I was with them for three months. I couldn’t go to Abuja again because of lack of funds, and I couldn’t return back to my village then because my farm had been taken over by herders. I have since been living in a small village between Kogi State and Abuja.

    Please I need help so I can find a direction in life. I am a member of APC.

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