Hon. Paschal Ogbome Celebrates Birthday Anniversary. Elempe Dele


Hon. Paschal Ogbome Celebrates Birthday Anniversary.

Elempe Dele


I have struggled to shrug off the thoughts to write about one of our most distinguished leader in PDP, Hon. Paschal Ogbome, AKA Ominimi of Africa, as he adds one more year to his years here on earth, but the temptation to pour the befitting encomium to his worthy character took precedence.

I have known so many men in the course of my life and in the meantime foray into politics, not so many charm me as Ominimi does. Apart from being an asset to humanity, he happen to be available to many endearments to which even those who might be opposed to him in politics or otherwise will testify. He is first a family man, then a gentleman, a mentor, a friend, a father figure, an associate, a solicitor and a politically savvy detribalised cosmopolitan individual. He cuts his teeth into the three senatorial districts in long term friendships that you would suspect he is from the trio. Oh yes, he is a veteran in making friends.

His style is suave and would always stand out as an iconic figure he is in any gathering. He is elegant, confident, pleasant, charming, and sophisticated without being arrogant. He is blandly urbane. Oh, recently, he has added the bell-bottom pants to his collection that reminds one of the Renaissance revivalists. Who has ever missed his simple bow ties, bowler hats and his 1940s German mustache? They are his trademarks in social gatherings when he is in attendance. You must know him or else…

If we talk about Ominimi’s fashion sense, we must also be bold enough to talk about the content of his character. First, he is unassuming, then he is an avid listener to details, logic and agrees if what you are saying makes sense. And to me, that’s one of his greatest and finest virtues. And that makes him a smoothly agreeable person. He is also very polite; he will never talk people like us who are newcomers into politics down. Even if he would want to disagree with us, he does so with equanimity because he has that following in most of us that need mentorship and guidance. Over the years, Ominimi has become somewhat an institution, and an embodiment of candour. He is elegant without necessarily being elititistic.

We can continue to essentuate his personality without end. Of not for his birthday, Ominimi needs no introduction, he is worldwide. However, it is fitting and deserving to celebrate him in more than written Psalms, he must be wished well. As he grows older each passing day, may his divinity continue to add to his fountain of wisdom, his political accumen, his social sagacity and may his health continue to flourish. I wish him happiness today and always, for it’s the greatest desire of mankind.

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