Hepatitis: the silent killer!


Hepatitis: the silent killer!

….kills approximately 124,000 Africans yearly!


Benin City 28th July 2021

Hepatitis is a very dangerous disease many people are unaware of. This silent killer kills thousands of people globally and nothing much is done for it’s awareness campaign, prevention, and treatment.

In an effort to bridge this information gap, the Edo Dynasty United Organization Worldwide in collaboration with JCI Edo Bronze and the Ministry of Health embarked on a public awareness and sensitization campaign in commemoration of the World Hepatitis Day. The colourful rally took place on Wednesday, the 28th day ofJuly, 2021 in Benin City. The campaign train of the two Organizations gathered in public ground and sensitized the public on the danger of hepatitis and also encouraged early diagnosis and treatment to promote public health and safeguide the general public against the deadly disease.

After a highly successful public awareness campaign, the Edo Dynasty United Organization and the JCI Edo Bronze appreciated all members and stakeholders who came out enmasse to support the initiative despite the short notice.

Special appreciation was accorded the following officials of the collaborating Organizations: Ambassador Bevy Efe, Comfort Olumese Bilulu, Jennifer Uwadia Obaseki, Comr. Cynthia Bright, Jennifer Uwalia Obaseki and many others who were on ground.

Edo Dynasty United Organization Worldwide encouraged everyone to continue to share the awareness and implore the government at all levels to invest more in health care system in Nigeria.
“We are in this for humanity and the collective interest of the people”, the President Comr. . Ehigie Osemwengie told Radio Esan.

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