Happy Birthday Senator Clifford Akhimiemona Ordia……. Ken Imansuangbon.


Happy Birthday Senator Clifford Akhimiemona Ordia…….
Ken Imansuangbon.

My friend and my brother, I join the world of the good people of Esan, Edo and Nigeria to celebrate you as you add yet another year to your years on mother earth. I am most elated that this birthday anniversary is meeting you in good health, prosperity and most of all, on your feet as you are committed to service to humanity. No doubt, your service to our people is one thing that has drawn you to me and me to you because my underpinning ideology is that life is sweetly lived when it is lived for the people.


Today, I am joyous that people from different walks of life are celebrating your birthday anniversary because you have achieved so much in life. From being a practicing engineer to being a serving senator. You have been very quite in your achievements but relentless in your pursuit. You have championed many courses for the people of Esan you represent and your progressive thinking on thematic issues are not going unnoticed. In all these, you are not the boastful type who want to make propaganda out of your achievements. You have the charisma of a true leader doing so much quietly.

You have supported our people through several empowerment programs, and you have not left their education unattended to as well. The generation of politicians coming will fetch from the fount of your deeds. How you have facilitated the building of classroom blocks, furnished them, provision of books for students, scholarships, provision of health facilities, construction of roads…your constituency can testify to your numerous good works.

As I write, I am praying that the good God will grant you more prosperous years and in good health. His large hands will enlarge your coast, provide you with guided wisdom, protect your entire family from the wiles of the evil one and make you happy beyond bliss.

I wish you again a resounding happy birthday anniversary my brother and friend, Distinguished Senator Clifford Akhimiemona Ordia.


Ken Imansuangbon.

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