Happy Birthday Anniversary to a Quintessential Leader, Bar. Ken Imansuangbon.

Rice Man

Happy Birthday Anniversary to a Quintessential Leader, Bar. Ken Imansuangbon.

The mark of a true visionary leader is the ability to imagine what the future holds and act on it, and make his actions yield results in the process for the benefit of others. And that’s who Bar. Ken Imansuangbon is, he needs no introduction.

Rice Man

Today, the Edo people and beyond celebrate this distinguished, consumate, exemplary leader and an educationist of no small repute as he adds yet another year to his years. No doubt, the happiness people wish for him are all deserving, not because of his successes as a man, but because of the smiles, happiness and joy he has gifted a lot of people. They can easily recall the good memories he has shared with them, people from all parts of the state and beyond.

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As a leader, Bar. Ken Imansuangbon takes people where they want to go. No one can save the world, however, we can help from the much the society has given us. The greatest desire of man is happiness and Ken Imansuangbon is happiness in human form. He is generous, loving, magnanimous and he brings succour to the downtrodden. His ideology is that kindness is the most important tool to spread love among humanity. Kindness to him is the act of sharing the best part of our hearts with those around us.

It is the wish of the entire Edo State people that your journey of life will be filled with more amazing memories. May you sail through life smoothly every passing year. And may the years ahead prepare you for that task of leading the people. The people are with you in faith, be courageous and be focused. Continue to be sincere and honest. Let your dedication to your dream be steadfast. Keep up the effort of your leadership. Be conscious that the result of your effort will certainly come to fruition. As a political maestro, you have built bridges through dedication and commitments. You will walk through these bridges garlantly. The rewards of your effort will come in due time.

We wish you more fruitful birthday anniversaries to come.

Signed, Ken Imansuangbon Support Group.

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