For a Credible Opposition, APC Members Should Make Their Voices Heard. (1) Elempe Dele


For a Credible Opposition, APC Members Should Make Their Voices Heard. (1)

Elempe Dele


Ironically, most APC members are now in the opposition to an authocratic ruling cabal in the same party, and I advice they should not continue with the silence as if everything is right.The presence of a strong and active opposition is an inevitable condition of internal democracy. I hope the fringe APC members should start talking in their numbers instead of keeping silent as the party has been hijacked by a few individuals. And this is the true definition of autocracy.

For critics of the president’s lackluster should not come from PDP alone, the abandoned APC members should join in raising their voices against the unusual establishment which thump at our commonwealth with careless abandon with no plans to freeze their stealing and mismanagement soon. At least the ways they have been handling funds for the coronavirus fight is a pointer.

Nigeria ought to be the largest democracy in Africa. So our collective democratic sentiments ought to be exceptionally relevant.

Politics, like nature, hates a absolute silence. What Buhari is creating with his absence is a vacuum, which nature abhors. Under Buhari, APC has largely been decimated by itself. It is no longer a party, it is rather a group of persons with different clandestine interests. After this humiliation of it’s main members by the cabal, the fragmented opposition within the party led by Tinubu and co must show some grit. They must let their voices occupy some political space just as PDP has been doing.
My uncontroverted reason for this is that internal criticism is an anthesis for vibrant democracy. Speak within even if your voice shakes, speak the truth! Let APC break since it must break. Let the fringe APC members destroy what is left of the party, the nonsense that is left.

A democratic nation must have more than one perspective on thematic matters, which should be genuinely expressed and correctly heard. This will enrich the entire spectrum of political engagement. A single vision like one erroneously paraded by Buhari’s gang, apart from becoming inhumanely unwise, it eventually becomes, as it is almost, resistant to probity, debate and Change.

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