(Photo Speaks)Esan Language Book: Comrade Ohens Meets Author Ehimare in Uromi, Charts ways to promote the Book


(Photo Speaks)Esan Language Book: Comrade Ohens Meets Author Ehimare in Uromi, Charts ways to promote the Book

…Books to be on the exhibition stand in Ewu Book Fair in November


Uromi 21th June 2021

The President of Esan Youths Organization (EYO), Comrade Kingsley Ohens visited Author Sunday Ehimare Inegbenose in Uromi today to discuss ways of publicising his latest book titled: “Teach Yourself Esan Language”.

After observing the book, Ohens concluded that the book is simple to read and easy to understand. He therefore encouraged Esan Sons and Daughters home and abroad most especially those who find it difficult to teach their children our language, to order for the book for themselves and for their children. Ohens said “the recently published book is the simplest book on Esan Language ever written and it will go a long way to assist those who are unable to grab the essence of our language”.

Ohens added, “this book will teach you how to read and write in Esan Language clearly and correctly and within a short period of time”.

Ohens lamented the fact that Esan language is gradually going into extinction as Esan children even those in Esanland now find it difficult to speak the language. “It’s high time this book and the teaching of Esan language is made compulsory for all schools in Edo Central Senatorial District”, he opined.

“Our language is our pride and we will not stand-by and watch it go into extinction. It’s one of the legacies of our culture and a cultural inheritance that we must guide and protect jealously”, he said.

Author Ehimare appreciated the youth leader and his organization. And said he is looking forward to a robust partnership and collaboration between himself and EYO, to make the book popular among Esan people worldwide.

Author Ehimare said he will make the book available for exhibition in the forthcoming third edition of Ewu Book Fair coming up in November this year.

For further details to order for the book, call:

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