ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! By Prince Innocent Omozokpia


By Prince Innocent Omozokpia

When a handshake goes beyond the elbow it becomes something else. Please stop the malicious blackmail of the former Minister of Works and Adolor of Uromi Kingdom, Chief, Arc., Dr Mike Onolememen. For crying out loud, he is not the first Minister of Works Nigeria has ever produced. The gentle and generous man left office six years ago after putting in his very best efforts to fix Nigerian roads. None of the people sponsoring and writing adverse articles against the good man loves Esan, Edo and Nigeria more than the Adolor of Uromi. If he had his way, he would have gladly tarred all federal roads in Esan/,Edo state. His love for Esan and Edo state cannot be described in words. He is a patriot to the core.


To the delight of his teeming supporters and to the glory of God, his name has not been linked to any financial, marital or social scandal till date. That should mean so much in a country where about 70 percent of past political office holders spend the remaining days of their lives shuttling between EFCC office, courts and prison. If the Esan-born philanthropist had soiled his hands with the filthy lucre of public office, the Buhari-led administration would not have spared him one bit. They would have nailed him on the cross of prosecution with feverish and fettish glee. But they have perused the books over and over again and found nothing incriminating against him, thus putting a big fat lie to the far-fetched and far-flung rumour of embezzlement of public funds meant for the construction of some federal roads in Edo state.

Contrary to the sour and s*lly tales of idle minds, Chief Arc. Onolememen had awarded the Benin-Ekpoma-Auchi-Okene Road and Ewu-Uromi-Igueben-Ekpon-Agbor-Sapele Road in the twilight of the Jonathan administration. Infact work had reached appreciable level before the Jonathan-led administration was voted out of power. The onus was and still is on the succeeding administration to complete the road projects. Till date, they are yet to do so. Thus, the albatross has become a cheap blackmail gig for the few paid and pained critics of the former Minister of Works. In their self-imposed amnesia, they pretend to have forgotten how this same man transformed Benin – Ore Road, Dawson Road, Uromi Township Road, Emu-Utor -Bridge, Afuda-,Idumoza-Irrua Road, Ramat Park – Egba Junction stretch of Benin -Auchi Road amongst other roads nationwide too numerous to mention.

My parting shot to the hired critics, please stop using the two aforementioned uncompleted road projects to score cheap political points. If you really want the roads to be done, join hands with patriotic forces to push for their speedy completion without further delay. Most of you that are writing dirty stories about the former Minister of Works cannot point to any personal achievement. At best your are just a bunch of jobless social media ranters doing the bidding of a local politician with lesser political clout and charisma.

Unknown to many of you, Mike Onolememen did not join politics as a political yeo-man. His professional excellence as a young architect with verifiable records of salient achievements nationwide paved the way for his foray into the the political scene. In the days when PDP was truly PDP getting the nod and recommendation of the late political Oracle was not a walk in the park. From day one, Onolememen joined politics as a technocrat with his honour and integrity intact. Make no mistake about that. He is certainly not in the class of bread and butter politicians who join politics for survival sake. He was already doing so well for himself before fate took him to the world of politics.

As a brother and friend, I want to sincerely advice all paid critics to desist from writing funny things about Adolor, it will neither do you nor your sponsor any good. He who throws mud at a good man would end up staining his own hands. Never fight a man for no just cause. Be wise my friends. Leave Mike Onolememen alone!

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