Encomiums as Adedoyin, composer of national pledge, goes home


Encomiums as Adedoyin, composer of national pledge, goes home

It was encomiums galore for Professor Felicia Adebola Adeyoyin, the late composer of the national pledge, as eminent Nigerians gathered to pay tributes to the literary colossus.


Apart from her educational prowess, Adedoyin’s uncommon desire to impact on others, including the underprivileged, endeared her to the heart of many people.

The majority of those at the event said she lived an unforgettable life. President, Ladies Crusaders, Yaba Baptist Church, Chief Mrs. Awotokun, who spoke on behalf of the society, described the late Felicia as a staunch member and pillar of the society, who distinguished herself in so many ways.

Her life as a Christian was not hidden, she endeared her life to everyone. She was generous and gave without expecting anything in return. She lived a fulfilled life and was never found wanting when it came to financial contribution,” she said.

The third born and the second son in the family, Dapo Adeyoyin, said his mother, Felicia, was everything to the children.

“She was our teacher, friend, mentor, counsellor whose memory would keep lingering.

“We would not mourn, though we are, but not grieved like those who do not have Christ as their pillar as we have Him.” Dapo said he would be missing everything about her.

He said: “In 1976, when the family came back from the United States of America, their father, Solomon Adedeji Adedoyin, was posted to Ghana.

“When we lived in the US, we were always talking about the US pledge. We asked how come there was no Nigeria pledge. Mummy then took it up upon herself in April, 1976.

“Our daddy, who attended with former President Obasanjo, Baptist Boys High School, Abeokuta, told mummy to write him a pledge which she did.

“We are happy that we also inspired mommy to write the pledge.

“However, one thing that grieves my heart is the removal of history from the school curriculum in Nigeria.

“My first son in America reads American History,” he said. Dr. Remi Alo, who spoke on behalf of Christian Fellowship, described Felicia as a wonderful woman who was there for all.

Oyedemi, who spoke on behalf of the ushering department, described her as a humble woman, who despite her academic status, respected everyone.
Secretary, Indiaba Old Girls Association, Abeokuta (IBOSA), Lagos branch, Mrs. Olukemi Oyetokun, who spoke on behalf of the association, said Felica left an indelible mark that could never be forgotten in a hurry.

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