Edo Dynasty Condemn Nigeria’s Govt Ban of Twitter, Says It’s a sign of dictatorship, violation to right of expression


Edo Dynasty Condemn Nigeria’s Govt Ban of Twitter, Says It’s a sign of dictatorship, violation to right of expression

Benin City 5th June 2021


Following the pathetic ban of Twitter Network in Nigeria by the Buhari led Federal Government, the global Edo people’s movement, the Edo Dynasty United Organization Worldwide (EDUOW) has condemned the action of the Federal Government of Nigeria in its totality saying it’s a sign of dictatorship and a violation of the constitutionally guaranteed right of expression.

In a statement signed by Comrade Brown Ehigie Osemwengie (the Canada based worldwide leader of the trail-blazing organization), Edo Dynasty said it’s worrisome that Nigeria is gradually drifting to a pariah state under the Buhari led administration.

Osemwengie pointed to the time when Twitter Network deleted the account of the then USA president Donald Trump. The American Government did not ban Twitter as a result. Nigeria as a country is not under military rule where a single individual can rule with his whims and caprices. We are in a constitutional democracy where the freedom of speech and expression is guaranteed. No single person or government is greater than the Constitution of Nigeria which guaranteed freedom of speech.

Edo Dynasty Organization therefore called on the Federal government of Nigeria to retract the ban and find solution to the pressing issues facing the country. “A situation when the Commander in Chief abadons pressing issues of national security and safety and is pursuing irrelevant issues with vigour is a distraction and deviation from it’s national duties. It’s a very worrisome situation that this is what Nigerians are getting from Buhari after all the hopes and expectations reposed in him.

The duty of Government is to ensure the security of lives and properties of it’s citizens, ensure there is happiness among the greatest numbers of people in the country. It will not augur well if Nigeria government start banning global networks because the president’s post against the Biafran agitators was deleted by Twitter. His account was not even closed like in the case of Donald Trump, it was only his post that was deleted. How come the president is now killing a mosquito with a sledgehammer?

The Federal Government should as a matter of urgency stop the ban to avoid uncertainty. The polity is already heated up now. Other irrelevant matters must not be added to the already uncontrollable national calamity. The President should thread cautiously. It’s only in pariah states that social media is restricted and it’s biting hard on the populace. Nigerian democracy must be protected jealously by Nigerians. No one single person is greater than Nigeria and thus the president should face the work given to him by Nigeria people and the oath he took to defend the Constitution. He should not allow what people feared most about him to come to pass. He is the president and should not allow political jobbers to decieve him to put the country on fire. Buhari can do more than this. To whom much is given, much more is expected of him”, the press release stated in part.

Furthermore, Osewengie added that the ban on Twitter, a global network could work against the economic wellbeign of Nigerians and Nigeria as a nation. It will lead to lose of interest in Nigeria by foreign investors thereby making the economy to suffer more than it’s suffering already.

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