(photospeaks)Edo Bronze: Striving towards perfection in all our endeavours, making footprints in the sands of time.


(photo speaks)Edo Bronze: Striving towards perfection in all our endeavours, making footprints in the sands of time.

The reason for this piece is to re-emphasize the value and gains of striving towards perfection in life. Anything you are doing, try as much as you can to do the best. Only what is good can stand the test of time be it art work, book, science and technology, culture, film, music and dance only what is done well with greater effort can stand out among others.

You can imagine that the arts works created by our forefathers over seven hundred years ago are now the subjects of a global controversy. This is because those arts works has value. Our fathers who did not study art and design in Auchi Polytechnic’s School of Arts and Industrial design or the Great UNiBEN’s Faculty of Arts, or without any contact with the Europeans, they could create what the British Empire went to war to loot. And now being returned to their original source.

The Edo Bronze was an eye opener to the Europeans about the ingenuity of the black race, about what we could do without the influence of the West despite the fact that they looked down on us.

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The Edo Bronze could have contributed to the industrial revolution in Europe and America. It shows that Africa is truly the cradle of human civilization. We would have been greater than the West if we were left alone to continue with our own black civilization.

The Esan Youths Organization (EYO) look forward to their returns so that we can see them face to face. Through these Masters piece, this generation can dream into the past, powers, times, creativity and motivation of our ancestors to solve the problems of present day Nigeria towards a greater future.

The Edo Bronze are products of science and technology. They were not just moulded like other sculpture work, they are products of a process called Lost Casting (or investment casting), a process whereby the original moulded drawing is used as moulded and later destroyed to get the final work. It’s a complicated scientific process that is now subject of hard learning in schools. There is so much to learn from what our ancestors left behind.

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