Edo : Attack on Governor Obaseki at Irrua. THE ARRESTED YOUTHS CHARGED WITH TREASON.


Edo : Attack on Governor Obaseki at Irrua.



Benin City: The 10 youths allegedly accused of stoning governor Obaseki have been charged for treason. The 10 Esan youths who has been in detention since on the 20th of August 2018 have been slammed with five counts charges of possession of arms and treason.

The youths were charged to magistrate court 2 on the 27th of August 2018. When the case came up the presiding magistrate refused the youths bail. The case was then adjourned to 3rd of September 2018. Surprisingly on that day the magistrate did not show up in court forcing the court to adjourn to 10th of September 2018.

But with the greatest shock and surprise now, the Attorney General of the state brought a fresh 5 count charges of possession of arms and treason against the Esan youths.
One now wonders Why this new charges.

In as much as we condemn the actions of the youths if it is true. This fresh charges is to punish the youths and keep them in continuous detention without bail.

According to Kingsly Ohens the president of Esan youths movement, these fresh charges are the hand work of some Esan leaders and government officials who are head bent on silencing any opposition to the imposition of John inegbedion as the senatorial candidate of the ruling APC.

He condemned the complacent attitude of these esan leaders to further aggravate the case to this kind of punishable height.

In the words of Ohens, “This is absolute wickedness in the name of politics, we call on the good people of Edo state to condemn this action of the Edo state government, we call on all human rights organisations, civil rights activists, The national chairman of APC to intervene in this matter

“In a room where people unanimously maintain a conspiracy of silence, one word of truth sounds like a pistol shot.”
-Czesław Miłosz

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