Edo 2024 : Give Esan People Governorship Ticket.——- EDA.


Edo 2024 : Give Esan People Governorship Ticket.——- EDA.

— Pleads With Edo South , North For Justice, Equity and Fairness .

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A socio -Cultural Group, ESAN PEOPLE DESCENDANTS ASSEMBLY, ( EDA), over the weekend held it’s inaugural meeting in Benin City, Edo state .

The meeting which was called on the instance of the Assembly’s Board of Trustee (BoT), had in attendance eminent illustrious sons and daughters from Esan-land across all endeavors, who traveled down to Benin city, from every nook and cranny of Nigeria to attend, the all important meeting of Esan race.

The Chairman of the Board of Trustee (BoT), a renowned retired Air Vice Marshal of the Nigeria Air Force, and a former Nigeria Minister of Aviation, Chief Anthony E Okpere, commended members for the sacrifices they made in other to attend the historic meeting.

“Many of you flew in from different parts of Nigeria, whilst, others traveled via road, disregarding the prevailing insecurity challenges on our roads at the expense of your lives. Your courageous and patriotic act, have set the ball rolling towards the actualization of an Esan Man/Woman, as the Governor of our beloved Edo state, come 2024”.

“Esan Descendants Assembly, EDA, greatly believes in the unity, and highly respect the rights of all ethnic groups that constitute the people of Edo state. In same token, Esan Descendants Assembly believes in the indivisibility of Edo state, which however must be guided on the basis of justice, equity and fairness”.

“As the Governorship election comes up in 2024, we believe it is the turn of ESANLAND to produce the Governor of Edo state! Esan people has been politically shortchanged and unfairly treated too long in Edo state political spectrum, as such, we expect all political parties in Edo state to project an Esan man/woman, as it’s governorship candidate in 2024, for the cause and purpose of justice, equity and fairness”.

In his welcome address, the Chairman of Forum, Professor Oyaziwolo Aluede, thanked members for answering the clarion call in their respective city/town of abode.

“Our agitation for the office of Governor of Edo state in 2024, is hinged on justice, equity and fairness”.

“In the incoming weeks, we’ll craft modalities that will act as springboard to galvanise support from our brothers and sisters in Edo south and north senatorial districts of the state.

“Esan people played a pivotal role in the emergence of Governors from Edo south and north in our recent years. We expect the two senatorial districts (South and North), to reciprocate the kind gesture to Edo central come 2024, for the cause and purpose of justice, equity and fairness”.

“We as Esan People pleads with our brothers and sisters in the other two Senatorial Districts to act as one family and give the Esan People what is due to them.

” We come with peace and beg for cooperation in this our struggle.”

“We believe there is a need for us to congregate, to articulate the way forward for Esan nation so that we can regain our lost glory.

Esan people must come together as one to take collective decision, position and march forward to get the Esan Agenda 2024 to work.

Esan Descendants Assembly, is a Socio— Cultural Group of all Esan people from all political Parties, Business Men, Women, Professionals, Civil Servants, Clergymen, Artisans, Actors/actresses, Medical Practitioners, Legal Practitioners, Market Women/ Men, Students, Etcetera.

The Assembly which was successful inaugurated in Benin City, was attended by Esan sons and daughters in all works of life and across all five local governments areas in Esan-land,


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