Declare a state of emergency on insecurity in Nigeria now, Edo Dynasty Organization tells Buhari


Declare a state of emergency on insecurity in Nigeria now, Edo Dynasty Organization tells Buhari

Benin City 28th April 2021


Following the spate of non-stop insecurity and violent crimes in Nigeria now, a global Edo Movement, The Edo Dynasty United Organization, has joined voices with the National Assembly and all Nigerians, asking the President of Nigeria, Mohamadu Buhari to declare a state of emergency in the country to protect lives and properties of the citizens.

Edo Dynasty United Organization made this call today in an interview with Radio Esan Online, through it’s president, Comrade Brown Ehigie Osemwengie.

According to the international human right activist, ‘Edo Dynasty Organization as a humanitarian and pro-peoples organization is seriously worried about the spate of non-stop criminal activities in the country.

Edo Dynasty Organization is worried that nothing tangible is being done to halt the looming anarchy in the history of Nigeria. It observed that even though Nigeria is not officially at war, but the citizens now live in constant fear following the escalation of life threatening criminal activities in recent times.

It’s high time, the President who is the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, takes drastic action to curtail this anarchy before it’s results to full blown war.

The people will take up arms to defend themselves if they feel helpless and threatened consistently. To avoid this, the leadership of this country must wake up to it’s primary responsibilities of governance which is the protection of lives and properties.

The President as a matter of urgency should declare a state of emergency on the criminals who do not want the nation to be at peace. The bad eggs should be fished out of the nation wherever they are carrying out their criminal activities and be made to face the music. Nigeria as the giant of Africa should be seen to be the giant indeed and not in name. We have helped other countries to fight their wars and solve their security challenges in the past, why are we not able to solve our problems now?

On behalf of Edo Dynasty United Organization Worldwide, we join the Senate, the House of Representatives and all Nigerians seeking to live in peace, to ask that our president do the needful without much delay. He should declare a state of emergency on insecurity now to avoid full blown anarchy”, he said.

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