Bar. Ken Imansuangbon Sends Birthday Anniversary Wishes to Senator Ehigie Uzamere KSC.


Bar. Ken Imansuangbon Sends Birthday Anniversary Wishes to Senator Ehigie Uzamere KSC.

Leader, sage and political mentor of men, the cerebral quintessential Most Distinguished Senator Ehigie Uzamere KSC, I join millions of well wishes to celebrate you as you add yet another year to your age. As an astute politician, you are an uncommon elder stateman who’s place in in our contemporary history is secured, I set forth my prophetic tongue towards the heavens to usher down prayers for you. May supernatural favour and divine strength be the grace of God Almighty that will be around you now and always. May his grace speak deep into hidden mysteries that will bring you divine strength, courage, satisfaction and fulfilment as you continue to lead the people in your admirable graceful way. Celebration shall never cease from you. You shall celebrate more years in good health and in happiness with joy unspeakable.

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You are man of the people, and you have been leading them well. You have mentored generations in politics, continue to dispose this charity with purpose. The birthday celebrations that dot social media platforms is a testimony to your goodness. Don’t deviate from it for there are rewards for it, and they are immeasurable.

You have committed so much to humanity, don’t rest now. Use this birthday anniversary that have met you in good health and prosperity as a reflection on how more you can offer to the people who will be needing your services. You might not know them, but your quest for that which is equitable, just and fair will find them. The underpinning ideology behind happiness is the conscience that is free. Apart from being gentle and respectful, you have been a man of honour with integrity with a good conscience. Let this your birthday anniversary be an assurance that the people appreciate you.

I am happy today that we celebrate not just your birthday anniversary, but that it is meeting you in very good condition of health. I pray this will continue for a long time. May God grant you more fruitful years among your people, may he guide you with knowledge and wisdom. He shall protect your family and give them happiness that knows no bounds.

Bar. Ken Imansuangbon.

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