Criticise Constructively, Stop Being A Nuisance, Your Lies And Uncalled Insults Now Irritates; Mike Enahoro advises John Mayaki


    Criticise Constructively, Stop Being A Nuisance, Your Lies And Uncalled Insults Now Irritates; Mike Enahoro advises John Mayaki

    Like former President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan would have said, the venom from your mouth against our Governor is a clear indication that, your continuous unnecessary insults and abuses on the Executive Governor of Edo State is a personal reaction to your short of competence to carry on the assignment given to you to once act as a Press Secretary from which you resigned during the Governor’s first term in office.

    I have taken time to follow Mr. John Mayaki’s articles for months now, I find no responsible criticism in all of his positions but a reflection of shared vexation as if Governor Godwin Obaseki is in the custody of his wife.

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    On a very good day, I will not waste my time attempting to advise this young fellow to focus more on productive matters. I think he is wasting his talents on unnecessary insults and abuses whereas, he could have channeled the same energy on stuff that could grow his career in whatever area he chooses.

    Assuming Mr. John Mayaki was sacked in the Bank or an Oil and Gas Company or any private organisation for incompetence, will such failure in life bring out this madness in him? And I know, he would have embarked on training to be a better person. Of course, a responsible person who wishes to make life better for himself will obey the latter and quietly move on.

    Come to think of it, what was the Governor’s offense when it was your ‘brother’ (name withheld) who exposed your inabilities and ineptitudes such that, were therefore properly placed to avoid bringing embarrassments to the Government only for you to resign and start taking side with the former Governor who wanted to turn himself a godfather and start abusing the number one citizen of the State all the time?

    I wish you are constructively criticizing the Government under the leadership of Governor Godwin Obaseki. I swear, even if you decide to make it a per second per second stuff, I trust, no one will blame you. That you are not even making a responsible criticism makes it a self-fooling venture. When a responsible person criticizes a government, he suggests a possible way out from such a dilemma. In that, the populace is well represented. Unfortunately, Mr. John Mayaki’s regular articles about Edo State Government and the Governor are all about venom and venom and venom. Haba! Common stop the rubbish. It’s becoming irritating.

    If it was the former Governor, Comrade Adams Oshiomhole, he would have since sent some area boys to advise you or like he once went to humiliate a widow, he would have since visited you personally to supervise sealing up your mouth.

    It is my opinion, therefore, to suggest to Mr. John Mayaki to channel his energy to something more responsible that can be of benefit to him and his people especially to those of his Ward or Local Government because he is becoming more of a nuisance than being an eloquent writer.

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