Meet Dollar Man, the Esan born International Comedian.


Meet Dollar Man, the Esan born International Comedian.

His name is Ehis Aigbe, an Ujemen Born, AAU trained and USA based Comedian.

Dollar man

…in this interview with Radio Esan, the graduate of Accountancy talked at length about his origin, motivation, his movies and comedies, community development effort, capping it with a call to all Esan people to bond together to save our land. Excerpts:

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Radio Esan: We are from Radio Esan/Esan News Magazine. Please tell us your full names, origin, education and profession.

Dollar Man: My name is Ehis Aigbe known as Dollar Man. I am from Ekpoma. I attended AAU, Ekpoma for a Degree in Accountancy. I also have some certifications in human services in USA. I am an Entrepreneur, Film-Producer, Actor and Comedian.

Radio Esan: We are aware that you are into movie production. Please tell us about this?

Dollar Man: I like epic movies and comedies. I do come to Nigeria frequently to produce good films with great directors and actors. It has been fun so far.

Radio Esan: What kind of movie do you produce?

Dollar Man: I produce epic movies and comedy series showing on YouTube channel “Dollarman Tv”.

Radio Esan: Are you into Esan movie production?

Dollar Man: On that aspect, conversation is already on going with Esan Nollywood stars. It’s something we are looking to do when we are ready.

Radio Esan: What motivated you into the show business?

Dollar Man: I have always loved acting right from when I was a little boy growing up in the village. It is fun telling a story in our own way. Acting is creatively deep and it is fun.

Radio Esan: How have you impacted in your community in Ujemen?

Dollar Man: I am a lover of humanity generally. I love my people and they are great. I am into different groups reaching out to home base at various levels. I contributed funds for on-going projects back home through my diaspora group. We sent palliatives (foodstuff) to my people at home to mitigate the effect of the COVID-19 pandemic and lockdown.

Radio Esan: Considering the socio-political situation in Nigeria now and the security threats, how do you use your media to proffer solution?

Dollar Man: We are using our platform to voice the concerns of our people to government in areas of insecurities in the nation right now. We Esan people have to come together and defend our homeland. We don’t have any other places to go but our father’s land.

Radio Esan: Give us a breakdown of the movie you have produced so far.

Dollar Man: The one that I have produced in Nigeria are “Kingdom of Fire“. This epic movie was directed by KenSteve featuring Nollywood Stars. The movie is on YouTube and will be playing on DStv soon. The other ones are the Comedy series. They are showing right now on YouTube channel “Dollarman Tv “.

Radio Esan: What is the level of acceptance of your movies in the United States where you are based compared to your country Nigeria?

Dollar Man: They love it over here in USA especially the black Americans. The only little challenges is the pidgin English used. They are not able to fully grasp the understanding.

Radio Esan: What is the source of your inspiration?

Dollar Man: my inspiration comes from God almighty who is my propeller. To him I give all the glory. Also my sister Dr Phina who is my number one fan. She pushes me to be best.

Radio Esan: Please give a word of advice to Esan and Nigerian youths who wants to go into the movie industry?

Dollar Man: let it be your passion, work hard, believe in yourself and able to endure.

Radio Esan: Thank you and God bless you.

Dollar Man: Thanks to you for having me. ……obiluuuuu. Esan Oyeeeee.

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